What’s going on in Berlin? – EMail

An Israeli citizen has been arrested and detained for allegedly spying for a German spy agency, a news agency reported on Sunday.

The Israeli citizen, identified only as an “Israeli citizen” in the Israeli media, was arrested at a hotel in Berlin on Wednesday.

According to the Israeli police, he allegedly received information from the intelligence service of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), which is tasked with tracking foreign spies in Germany.

According to German media, the man was arrested for his alleged involvement in the spying operation.

According a report by the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Israeli national was reportedly detained for two weeks and interrogated for two days, before being released.

According a report in the daily Der Spiegel, the BND has since confirmed the arrest and said that the suspected spy had passed on sensitive information to the German intelligence agency.

Israeli police spokesperson Mark Regev said that there was no information on the person’s identity.

However, the paper noted that Israeli authorities were also investigating whether the suspect was also involved in the recent spying scandal.

The BND said in a statement on Sunday that the man had passed his information to its colleagues in the B.D.G. and in Germany’s domestic intelligence services.

According the Berlin-based Berliner Zeitung newspaper, the suspected Israeli spy, who worked for the Israeli defense establishment, has been identified as a former Mossad employee.

The newspaper reported that the Israeli spy was born in 1948, and has been active in the agency since the 1970s.

He reportedly spent the next 20 years in the military intelligence and was reportedly one of the most important members of the intelligence unit known as “the three eyes” and was involved in spying on Iran and other nations.

Israeli intelligence officials were reportedly concerned that the arrest could endanger the safety of the spy and the security of Israeli diplomats in Germany, but did not comment further.

The Associated Press news agency said the arrest came after months of speculation that the BNDP was behind the case, and that Israeli officials had been “extremely concerned” over the arrest.

The Berlin-born spy was allegedly involved in several spying missions and was allegedly also the ringleader of the operation that foiled the September 17 coup attempt in Turkey.