Microsoft says it will stop providing email address verification for businesses

Microsoft will no longer provide email address verifications for businesses and other organizations that use Microsoft’s Microsoft Exchange Online Service (MEPS), a company spokesman said in a blog post.

The company plans to discontinue email address Verification (EVP) in 2020, the company said.

“While Microsoft is committed to working with partners to ensure we provide the best possible service, we have made this decision to simplify our process and simplify the process for our customers and partners,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft said the move will help organizations better manage their compliance with the new EVP requirement.

Microsoft says EVP verification is a requirement of Microsoft Exchange Server and Exchange Online.

Microsoft’s EVP system is part of Microsoft Outlook, a messaging and collaboration service that includes support for Exchange Online as well as Microsoft Exchange Mail.

EVP is an optional requirement for organizations that do not have Exchange Online installed on their systems.

The decision comes after Microsoft received numerous complaints from customers and IT professionals that Microsoft Exchange Services (ME) customers were not able to verify email addresses properly.

“Many EVP-compliant organizations are now relying on EVP, and the company is not happy with this,” said Andrew Kayser, a Microsoft spokesperson.

“Microsoft will continue to offer EVP for businesses, including for organizations with Exchange Online, and we expect that these customers will continue using the system as it will help us deliver the best customer support possible.”

The company said that it is providing email addresses verification to Microsoft Exchange customers who have already signed up for the service and who have not received any additional email address validation updates since the end of January.

“If you have an existing email address, you can easily verify it with the Microsoft Exchange e-mail address verification service,” the company wrote.

“By the time you receive an EVP notification for a new email address on your Microsoft Outlook account, you will have confirmed your email address.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Microsoft has also announced it will change its EVP policy for new users, as well.

Microsoft has made changes to its EDP policy for existing customers.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless and seamless experience for all of our customers, and this change is one of those things that we have been working on,” the Microsoft spokesman said.