What to expect from the NHL’s new e-mail app in 2019

The NHL is rolling out a major update to its e-mails application.

The app will allow players to share, search and share photos and video, and the NHL says it will be integrated into the NHL Network, the league’s online service.

The app, which has been in beta for the past year, will feature a “mobile-first, all-in-one experience,” said Brian Burke, the NHL vice president of product management.

Players will be able to quickly share their favorite photos and videos, as well as a number of other settings.

It also includes the ability to access and edit player photos and highlight video.

The NHL has not announced a date for the update.

The update comes after the NHL rolled out its new e.mail app, called NHL.com, which was a major hit.

Players used to be able view their games and schedules on the app, but they can now access that information directly on the NHL website, which is currently in beta.