How to send your wedding invitations in English in Germany

German wedding invitations are in the news lately.

But while the country’s wedding ceremonies are typically held in traditional English, a number of wedding venues in the country have adapted the language of the day to accommodate a wide range of guests.

Here’s how to use the German language to make your invitations look authentic.

German wedding invitation translation What do I need to know?

The wedding invitations will be sent to you by a certified German courier.

There are no signature requirements, so you’ll need to put the invitation on your wedding day.

Wedding invitations in Germany are usually delivered in a box and are delivered by a German courier company called Ettlinger, which uses a specialised delivery method.

Wedding invitation delivery in Germany The first step is to place an order for the courier service.

To do so, select your destination and choose your delivery method and delivery method from the menu.

You can choose either a direct delivery or a courier service that will deliver your invitations to your door.

You may choose to pay extra for the delivery of your wedding invitation, or you can choose to send them via a postcard and have them delivered at your doorstep.

You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to fill out the online order form.

Your courier company will provide you with the courier number and your order number, and you can print them out to take with you.

Delivery options in Germany Wedding invitation courier service Delivery option Delivery date Delivery time Delivery service Cost Delivery time Cost 1-8 days delivery 3 days (delivery only) 2-6 days delivery 6 days (duties included) 3 days delivery (duty not included) 7-14 days delivery 12 days (duty included) 15-34 days delivery 16 days (not included) 35 days delivery 18 days (reserve required) 40 days delivery 24 days (registration required) 50 days delivery 30 days (free delivery option) 60 days delivery 40 days (paid service) 70 days delivery 60 days (recharge included) 80 days delivery 80 days (up to €15 fee) Delivery options may vary depending on the courier.

How to change delivery options on the delivery form Wedding invitation order form How to order the courier?

The courier service is available for customers of all ages.

If you are under 18 years of age, you can order the delivery by telephone or email.

To order the service online, call +49 2289-8777 or write to the courier address on the order form: Delivery service – Ettler, Inc. Wekonstitel 2, 1-2 Stadtstraße 1, Berlin, Germany.

Delivery is free and takes about one hour to complete.

Please note: delivery is only available from Wednesday 28 April 2019 until Monday 2 May 2019.

Please allow at least one working day to make sure that all deliveries are received.

To arrange the courier’s delivery, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the courier at the time of the order.

Delivery can take up to 24 hours depending on which courier is selected.

Delivery of wedding invitation invitations in Europe Wedding invitations are delivered in several ways: courier service courier service can be delivered via mail or courier.

In order to choose a courier, you will need to enter your address and phone number on the checkout page.

Delivery service courier delivery is available to customers of any age.

The delivery time can vary depending of the courier and your delivery address.

Delivery costs vary depending the courier company.

Delivery in Germany delivery costs are: €5 delivery fee €2 courier service delivery fee delivery cost: €8 courier service €6 courier delivery fee Delivery costs are payable to the delivery company and are charged by the courier if the delivery is not delivered within the time specified.

If the courier is not available, the delivery cost is refunded to the customer.

The courier will also be charged for the postage and handling.

The fee for the deliveries varies according to the method chosen.

Delivery time delivery time delivery fee: 5 working days delivery: 6 working days Delivery fee: €1.25 courier delivery: €0.90 Delivery time: 3 working days After you’ve chosen a courier delivery service, you should pay the courier an amount equal to the postage cost of the delivery, plus the courier fee.

The invoice will be emailed to you within 1 working day.

The customer will have the option to choose from one of the following delivery options: courier: delivery to a specific address