Washington Post’s top political reporter says Trump ‘hasn’t done the right thing’ in defending his travel ban

A top Washington Post political reporter said Wednesday that Trump “hasn.t done theright thing” in defending the travel ban executive order, saying it “does not help our country or our allies.”

In a piece titled “Donald Trump has not done the wrong thing,” Glenn Thrush wrote that Trump has “made clear that he will not compromise on his pledge to defend the American people and the interests of our nation.”

Trump said last week that he would not defend the executive order in court.

But Thrush, who is a member of the Trump administration’s national security team, said Wednesday he believes that the president “has gone too far in defending” the travel order, which bans refugees and immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries.

Thrush added that Trump needs to “make a much more concerted effort to defend his policy” by saying that the executive orders were “not only unconstitutional but also dangerous.”

Thrush, a frequent critic of Trump, said he believed the order was unconstitutional because it violated the separation of powers between the executive branch and the legislative branch.

“If he really believes that he has a responsibility to protect our nation, then I think he should step back and allow Congress to do its job, and not be part of a constitutional challenge to his executive orders,” Thrush said.

“The president has no business being the commander-in-chief of the military and his lawyers have no business defending his order.”

Thrysh said the order is unconstitutional because Trump has no “legitimate basis” to say that it was needed to protect Americans.

Trump said in a statement Wednesday that he is “looking forward to working with Congress to pass legislation to fully protect our country.”

“As we look forward to this week, we have to remember that the ban was put in place in a vacuum to protect the safety and security of the American public,” Trump said.

Thryscus told The Post that the travel restrictions “may not be a very good idea” given the challenges of controlling a large, rapidly changing world.

“But I also think that there’s an argument to be made that the best way to do it is to do so as carefully as possible, to protect against a variety of things that may or may not be going on, to try to make sure that we’re keeping a certain level of security for ourselves and our allies,” Thrus said.

Trump’s order was signed in February and suspended for 90 days a travel ban on people from six countries — Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria — that were imposed by the Obama administration in December.

The order also suspended a program that allowed people from those six countries to enter the United States to travel to the United Kingdom and other countries.

The administration said it would reinstate the restrictions after the 90-day period expires on Monday.

The travel ban was challenged by states and localities across the country, as well as the U.S. military.

The Supreme Court, in February, struck down the order as unconstitutional.