Microsoft’s eMail client loses eMail compatibility

Microsoft’s Outlook client lost compatibility with its eMail server.

The Outlook client on the Microsoft Edge browser was updated today, the latest update to Microsoft’s Office software.

The update comes as Microsoft looks to keep the Office suite updated.

Microsoft Edge’s email client has been the most popular alternative to Outlook on Microsoft Edge, with users switching to it regularly. has a number of options to get the email experience with Office.

However, and Microsoft’s own Evernote have also been updated, and there is a separate email client, as well.

Microsoft’s latest update will be rolling out gradually, so it’s unclear if all the updates will be available today.

The latest update is known as 81615, and is not yet available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has been updating its and email services, which are not affected by the Outlook.mail incompatibility.

Microsoft also has several other Office apps that use its own Exchange servers, including Microsoft Edge and Word.