Which phones have the best features and pricing?

A look at the most popular Android phones on sale in the UK today.

Android phones are often priced higher than other smartphones because of the exclusivity of their software.

These exclusivity deals may include a higher price for the handset’s battery or the phone’s camera.

However, it’s the phone itself that matters.

Most smartphones are designed to be used on a regular basis, which means that they’ll need to last you for a long time, and that means battery life is of paramount importance.

Many people don’t take battery life seriously, but the battery life of Android phones can be a real deal-breaker.

Here are the top five smartphones on sale today.

Price: $349.99 (2GB RAM, 2GB storage) Price: £349.95 (4GB RAM + 128GB storage, 4GB storage or 32GB storage + 128 GB storage) Phone: HTC One M8 (2017)