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Google has rolled out a new feature for its search results for Gmail users: A feature called Disposable E Mails.

It’s a new option that you can turn on and off with a swipe on your Gmail account.

Disposables messages you no longer need to send out to other users.

Google has also added a new filter option to show which messages you can send out.

Google says the feature is intended to help users find the right messages, whether they are the ones they want or not.

Disposable emails are currently available only for Gmail’s default inbox.

To use the feature, swipe left on a message you want to discard.

You can also delete it with a single tap.

If you’ve got Gmail open on your desktop, you can tap the menu icon at the bottom right of your Gmail window to see the latest messages.

To open your Gmail in a new tab or tab in the web browser, swipe up from the bottom of the window and select ‘new tab’.

Disposables the message in your inbox when you tap the icon, so you won’t be bothered by any of the clutter that comes with the inbox.

Disposing of messages in your Gmail inbox is now a swipe-and-hold operation.

If you’ve already opened the message and want to trash it, just tap the Trash button and you’ll have to go back to the message list to delete it.

Dispose of messages has been in Google’s spam filtering since at least March.