Australia’s biggest e-mail system, Thunderbird, is about to shut down

A major Australian e-mails service that has been used for decades has shut down.

Thunderbird was designed to be a one-stop-shop for personal, professional and commercial e-commerce.

It was developed in Australia, but it was never exported.

“There is no business that has used it that hasn’t been affected by the transition,” Thunderbird CEO Peter MacKenzie said.

But in March, the Australian government imposed a new system of government-mandated registration and tracking of email addresses that would have been a significant disruption to businesses, especially small businesses, he said.

Thunderbird shut down at the end of June, with only a handful of employees left.

For business owners, it meant they had to find alternative forms of e-receiving.

The company’s e-store and website were inaccessible for weeks, and there were no signs of any sign-ups for e-shopping.

In the meantime, some businesses were left to deal with the loss of an essential piece of the business model, the ability to manage their business online.

And it left a lot of customers in limbo.

Business owners can’t get back into Thunderbird because of the new system.

Many business owners will never be able to use Thunderbird again.

There will be no Thunderbird.

I’m not sure how long it will be for.

I’ve lost so many customers, I’m sure there will be some customers that will be unable to get back in, MacKendaels said.

“It’s going to be the worst of times for a lot.”