Dutch newspaper finds 2.5 million Dutch migrants in Europe

Axios article Axias Dutch newspaper Axios has found that nearly two million people from the Netherlands who arrived in Europe illegally over the last two decades are living in the EU’s 28 countries.

Axios notes that the report is the largest of its kind, and comes as European leaders are struggling to find ways to stop the flow of people who have made the perilous journey to Europe.

Dutch government officials have said the country’s response to the wave of arrivals is “unprecedented.”

Axios reports that about 3,000 Dutch nationals have arrived in Germany and another 2,500 in Austria.

The paper said that in Austria alone, 1,200 Dutch nationals are living there and another 400 in the Netherlands.

It also reported that some 8,500 Dutch nationals and some 500 German nationals are in the country.

Axias said that about 1,400 of the Dutch migrants who arrived over the past two decades live in Germany.

About 800 have been in the state of Lower Saxony, which has the highest number of Dutch nationals living in Germany, while about 600 are in Upper Saxony.

Axias said the largest numbers of migrants from the EU country have been from Romania, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Some of the largest number of asylum seekers have come from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In October, Axios reported that a Polish-Italian family had taken advantage of a loophole in Dutch immigration law to stay in the European Union.

A group of women in Cologne were caught with more than 4,000 migrants after they entered the city in large groups.

Last week, Axias reported that hundreds of migrants and refugees were trying to enter Italy from the southern Italian port of Pisa, after their boat capsized.

Austria has said that its efforts to stem the influx of migrants into Europe have been hampered by an influx of illegal border crossings into the country from Croatia and Hungary.