How to write a Reddit post with no clickbait

I have always loved Reddit, and I’ve been using it to post pretty much every day for about 5 years now.

But one day, a user asked me for some advice on how to get more traffic and make more money.

“I was just wondering, how do I write a post that has no click bait,” the user wrote.

“And what if it’s not a click bait?”

I replied.

He responded, “If it’s something like a photo of your dog with your cat or a post about a cat that you don’t want to be associated with.”

“So,” I replied, “what do I do?”

I had just read a post from a user who said, “I’m really tired of being told that my post is going to get a million views and thousands of comments every day just because of how click-worthy it is.

What do you guys think?”

I asked.

That was the beginning of a discussion that has gone on for over a year now, where the question of click bait and “click bait” has come up a lot.

The Reddit community is very diverse and there are plenty of different types of content that are just not click-bait.

It’s really difficult to find a post with a certain click-value.

Here’s the problem.

There are plenty, if not most, subreddits with the “click-bargain” tag.

They all share the same goal of generating more traffic for the subreddit they’re in, and the same thing for posting a lot of content.

If I want to post a picture of my dog with my cat, I can post that.

If I want a picture with my dog and my cat at a pet store, I’m free to post that picture, too.

If a picture is of a cat with a cat, there’s no reason not to post it.

It doesn’t have to be click bait.

However, there are some subreddits that will only post posts with a specific click-targeting goal, such as a cat picture or a cat image.

If you post that photo or that cat, you can expect to get no clicks or even a bit of negative attention.

In fact, it’s so common for a cat or dog photo to get negative attention that I don’t even know where to start with that topic.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot more people are thinking about how to do things differently and better in the future.

To find out more about the Reddit community and its goals, check out my post on how Redditers decide what to post.