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An email sent on Saturday morning sent a lot of people into an email frenzy.

The email was sent from Adidas’s e-mail account.

It was accompanied by a link to an adidas store that was accepting payment to get their message to customers.

This is the official message from Adidas to customers after receiving an email containing a link.

It reads: “Sorry, we received an email.

Please wait while we look into it.

If you received this email, please click here to accept our offer and get a free pair of Adidas socks for free.”

The message to the public was a response to a recent question about Adidas’s adidas socks.

Adidas has since announced that it will be offering free socks to customers who want them.

However, the offer only applies to people who receive the message.

It seems Adidas may have just sent a message of apology to a number of its customers.

A message posted on the adidas website on Sunday said, “To our loyal customers who were not able to receive the email, we apologize.

We’ve reached out to those customers who have been impacted by the email and are looking into the matter.”

This post has been updated to include comments from Adidas.