What you need to know about Apple’s patent wars

Apple has filed more than a dozen patent lawsuits in recent months against software developers and developers of mobile applications, alleging infringement of five of its patents. 

Apple’s lawsuits, which are still being litigated, include claims against Google’s Android mobile operating system, iOS, Android’s browser extensions, Android mobile software, and the Safari mobile browser, as well as the iPhone operating system.

Apple has also sued several third-party companies, including Nokia, Motorola, Nokia-owned Nokia Siemens Networks and Samsung, claiming infringement of its various patents.

Apple’s filing in December is the latest in a long string of lawsuits the company has filed against Android developers and mobile applications.

Apple’s latest lawsuit alleges that Google’s Chrome mobile browser infringes four of Apple’s patents, the most recent of which is described in a patent filing on December 11, 2018.

The filing in the U.S. patent court in San Jose, California, also seeks to ban Apple from using Android devices on Apple devices for a period of three years.

The filing does not specifically name Apple, but says that Google will not infringe Apple’s “core competencies.”

The filing also claims that Google has “made substantial advances in mobile and computer software development, including the development of innovative mobile devices.”

Apple has been seeking to obtain an injunction against Google for nearly two years.

In a court filing earlier this year, Apple said that Google infringed nine of its patent claims, including three that involve the ability to search through Google search results.

Apple also claimed that Google had infringed a third of Apple patents, which involve the processing of text and data by an application.

Apple is seeking damages for damages to be determined at trial and also for punitive damages.

The company has previously filed more patent lawsuits against Google.

Apple said that in a recent filing it had identified more than 70 applications that Google developed in its search engine.