MTV’s ‘E-Mail’ to ‘E! News’ Show Drops E-Mail and Mail Adressensughe E-mail, Chimp, Mail, E! News

E-mails and letters are no longer the default address for all MTV News e-mail newsletters, as the network’s parent company, Comcast, is introducing a new, customized newsletter format.

In the new newsletter, users will have the option to receive the newsletter in a variety of ways, including a regular, personalized inbox or a personalized one tailored to the user’s interests and needs.

For instance, the new format will offer a personalized, tailored e-mails message that will be tailored to each user’s preferences and needs, such as who they’re interested in, or what topics they’re most passionate about.

The new e-newsletter will also be available as a separate download, which will be available starting in mid-September, according to MTV News.

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