What’s going on with the UCLan eMail service


— The UCLanian eMail is still rolling out, but not everyone’s happy with the service.

Some users are still seeing some issues, but there is good news for users: The service will now be able to use an alternate eMail provider, Microsoft said in a statement on Thursday.

The new service, dubbed UCLanon, will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage platform for email and text messages.

In an email, Microsoft’s Doug Loh wrote that the company was working with UCLans eMail team to ensure that the new service is reliable and secure.

“Microsoft is excited to partner with UCLAan and its team to continue the success of the UCLAanian service and make sure that UCLanaan is a secure and reliable platform for our customers,” he wrote.

Loh added that the UClan eMails team was working on a more secure email service that would support the company’s upcoming UCLanos new cloud-based email service, called UCLane.

As of now, the service is available only to Microsoft customers.

The company said that the eMailing service will only be available for a limited time, and that UClans service is already available on other services like Skype.

Microsoft also said it is partnering with e-mail providers to improve security for its eMail.

Microsoft has been working with the e-Mail industry for years, and has been one of the companies pushing the industry toward more robust and secure systems.

UCLan was created by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in 2010 to handle eMail for the university’s IT department.