I’m on the verge of launching a podcast, I’m going to make money off it!

A couple weeks ago, Next Big Entertainment launched a podcast.

They also launched a website for their show, and I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’d never been on a podcast before, so it was a little scary.

But I think I’m ready.

They have a very professional production company called NBGEO, and they have a team of producers.

I’m working with them on the podcast, and my podcast is going to be on their website, too.

Next Big has a great story, which I’m really excited to tell.

The company that’s working on the site is called Jamboree Media, and it’s a small, independent company with about 50 employees.

They’re making a podcast for their audience.

I think that they’re going to do great.

They’ve done some really great work.

Jamboremedia has already had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and if the project reaches its goal of $40,000, they’ll launch a podcast called The Podcast for All.

They haven’t done any podcast shows in the past, but that’s what I’m excited to do.

When they launched the Kickstarter campaign last year, I was a bit disappointed with the numbers.

I thought that it was going to go very well.

But after that, Jamborgedia has gone from a little website that only had 10 people working on it to a site that’s over 1,000 people working full-time on it.

They even have their own studio!

And they’re bringing all that work in, so that they can make a podcast on their own terms.

I love podcasts.

They are so much fun, so much creative.

I’ve watched a lot of them.

I even had a podcast that I watched a year ago.

That was a really good podcast.

I watched it over and over again.

So I think they have something that’s going to appeal to listeners, and hopefully we can do something similar.

But we have to be careful because they’re on the edge.

I know that there are people who are like, “Oh, I love podcasting.

I can’t wait to hear this show.”

So I’m trying to make sure that they understand what they’re getting into.

If I can get them to understand what I do for a living, I think we can create something that we can all be proud of.

I just hope that we don’t alienate the people who want to hear a podcast or who are excited about the possibility of it.