How the Obama administration is using email as a weapon

The Obama administration has been using email for political purposes to send out political messages to journalists, the White House said Tuesday.

The Department of Justice has been sending emails to reporters in advance of a press conference with President Donald Trump, it said in a statement.

The DOJ has also been using an email system called E-mail Operations that allows the department to make changes to the way the agency delivers information, such as the use of the word “news,” to reporters.

“These messages do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Department of Homeland Security, but are meant to reflect the work of the U.S. Government,” the statement said.

The Justice Department is not using E-Mail Operations as a tactic to communicate with reporters.

Rather, it is using the E-mails to provide information to reporters about the Department’s work, the statement continued.

The department also is using a system called PROD.PROD is used by the DOJ and other government agencies to communicate about its work to reporters through emails, and the DOJ said it is not trying to hide the fact that it is doing this to communicate to the media.

The department has been receiving hundreds of thousands of e-mails, the department said, but the number of emails sent is a tiny fraction of the total number of people who receive those emails.

“We are not hiding it.

It is happening,” said one of the administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

“We are using it to communicate the information that we have to the public.

There is nothing nefarious about it.”

In an effort to ensure the information is being shared appropriately, the administration has sent out e-mail messages that reference the White Trump campaign, a statement from the department noted.

“The president is using this to inform the American people about the administration’s work and the important work that the United States is doing,” it added.