Why do you like this e-mail?

“The email was one of the most personal I’ve ever received,” said Rabbi Eran Shor in an e-mails to The Jerusalem Times, referring to the one she received from the Israel Police.

“You are one of us.”

“When I opened the email, I felt a strange sensation that I had never experienced before,” Shor continued.

“It was like a magic trick that I did not even know existed.”

Shor received the message from the Tel Aviv Police, which said that the sender’s identity was being concealed by a security service.

According to the Israeli Police, it is illegal for an individual to send an e­mail without a court order, so Shor received a court-issued court order allowing the e-newsletter.

“I have received numerous emails like this from the police in recent years,” said Shor, a rabbi at the Yeshiva University’s Monsey campus.

“They are trying to get me to write an e‑mail in order to cover their tracks.”

According to Shor’s e-letter, she received the e‑newsletter after her father died last year.

“After he died, my father asked me to deliver a message to him,” Shur said.

“The message that was delivered to my father was a message that I received from police officers, who were also on duty at the time.”According